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Customer Recommendations  Recommendations & testimonials from our customers about our products & quality of service. Since we began promoting our unique range of software products we have acquired a growing list of satisfied customers. Below are some testimonials from our customers. If you would like to get in touch with these companies or many others please contact us and we can provide contact details so you can find out first hand just how good our software program are.
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Re Polyboard.  I have been in the commercial furniture industry for over 47 years and seen many changes in that time.  After searching for many years to find an affordable and creative design program, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Polyboard   I was able to incorporate Polyboard into my work systems to create accurate designs and working drawings with optimized cut lists   As I mainly do one off individual projects these days, it is great to have the ability to produce accurate design drawings to present to my clients.  Very happy with the back up service from Asher it has been excellent. Peter Brown P &S Furniture  
Company:  P & S Furniture, Perth, Western Australia Type of work: Kitchens, Custom built furniture Products used:  Polyboard_STD / Opticut Manufacturing technique: Optimised sheet cutlist, Panel saw, Manual borer.
Polyboard is a great program, its Interface is really user friendly and simple to use. Asher installed the software and had it up and running within 4 hours I highly recommend their services. Douglas Patterson D.A.P JOINERY PTY LTD  
Company:  D.A.P. Joinery, St Marys, New South Wales Type of Work:  Shopfitting Products used:  Polyboard_Pro_PP Manufacturing technique: Direct transfer to BiesseNest & Biesse CNC Nesting machine
To Whom It May Concern   Having recently purchased the Polyboard software.    I would recommend him to anyone as he is very knowledgeable, the program is good and he is a very patient man with his teaching. He will always strive to get an answer.   He has always been available to help when there are difficulties either in person, by phone or email.   Regards   Ozzy O. D’MELLO JOINERY PTY LTD  
Company:  O D’Mello Joinery Pty Ltd, Riverwood, NSW Type of work: Kitchens, Custom built-in furniture Products used:  Polyboard_Pro_PP Manufacturing technique: Direct Transfer to Biessenest / Biesse CNC
Letter of Recommendation 12th February, 2013 Dear Asher, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your enormous effort in demonstrating and supporting your  Polyboard software. Since I purchased the software package I have enjoyed working with it.  In the past I have used other software packages but have discovered Polyboard Cabinet Design to be  versatile and easy to learn. The Polyboard programme is a powerful program enabling customization  and cabinet building from scratch in a simplified manner. Your comprehensive knowledge of the program is excellent.  Although I have some computer skills you  worked through the more detailed aspects of the programme. This was ensuring and supportive. Although some issues were encountered in the early stages with the integration you managed and  assisted with support over and above what was expected. Your prompt response and resolutions enable a  smooth outcome and solution. I have been in the Building and Construction industry all of my life and it’s pleasing to find personnel in  the industry who support and provide advice on their product at this level. With my programme up and running I am pleased in supporting Polyboard with this Letter of  Reference. Furthermore, recommend your product to other potential clients. Yours sincerely, Paul Manna. Julls Developments Pty Ltd  
Company:  Julls Developments P/L Melbourne, Victoria Type of work: Own Property Development work Products used:  Polyboard_Pro_PP & Optinest Manufacturing technique: Nesting in Optinest  - Exporting to Masterwood CNC
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17 December 2013  Dear  Asher,  Re: Polyboard acquisition Asher, on behalf of both Darryn and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to  thank you for the successful implementation of our front end Polyboard software.  If it were not for your personal determination in bringing this to fruition, we would still be operating on a less than satisfactory output level. As you know, our charter was to find a front end application to run into our Aspan camware for manufacturing purposes. Unlike all other software suppliers we held discussions with, you understood we were not interested in a full screen to machine solution, did not require life like rendering for presentations, and you were willing to work with us for a mutually satisfying outcome. We have since had one of your competitors question the success of the install, stating their package includes a full library of cabinets, materials and hardware. Frankly, I enjoyed building from ground up as we now have a more complete understanding of our software and our library includes cabinets that only their top end module will produce. Moreover, we don’t have to pay for updates to libraries as we can do them as, when and if required. Quite simply Asher, we are now in a position to grow our business using Polyboard/Aspan. For us, we understood the challenges, limitations and compromises, however, the end result is a package that does what we need for a reasonable investment sum. Once again, thank you for your contribution. Yours faithfully,  Darryn &  David  3D Cabinet Concepts 
Company:  3D Cabinet Concepts Caboolture, QLD Type of work: Cabinet design - all types Products used:  Polyboard_Pro_PP  with  Aspan Cam Manufacturing technique: Direct import and nesting in Aspan - Exporting to Anderson CNC