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New or used CNC machine? An interesting difference between the Australian  woodworking industry and our overseas  counterparts is the size of our workshops.  Throughout our major capital cites and regional  areas its not uncommon to walk into 2-3 man  workshops that specialise in custom made  joinery. This is of course partly due to the nature  of the market, as Australians traditionally favour  custom built in joinery such as kitchens and  wardrobes rather than off the shelf standard  modular units... To view the full blog article click here!
Designing Built-in wardrobes Polyboard is a unique & powerful tool for  designing and manufacturing built in  furniture. This is true even for complex built  in bedroom wardrobes. No matter if you  design internals only, internals with hinged  doors, or Mirror doors with aluminium profile  frames,  Polyboard can help you design it  all: Compete accurate cut-lists for both sheet  boards, & aluminium profile lengths - all in  3D with 100% accurate costings for each  component right down to the last screw!  While many specialist wardrobe programs  produce nice looking pictures, and not very  reliable cut-lists,  Polyboard in addition to  allowing you to design wardrobes to custom  requirements in 3D it also will give you a  fully accurate cut-list that you can actually  use in the workshop for:  Cutting internal timber parts   Cutting or ordering aluminium profile  lengths Cutting hanging rails to length Cutting or ordering mirror or glass  sheets As well as accurate cutlists, detailed  costings are automatically produced for all  jobs in Polyboard and will make light work of  all your quotations. Itemised pricing is  automatically given for panel materials,   Edgebanding, profiles lengths such as  aluminium door frame components, top /  bottom tracks and coat hanging rails.   Each  fitting down to components such a screws  are all costed and totalled including parts  such as: shelf supports, drawer runners,  hanging rail end brackets, & fixing screws.  Other features that are of interest of the  industry include:  easy design of wardrobe  internals, sliding doors and tracks, workshop  drawings of units, and complete jobs. and  CNC machine integration if required.  To view the industry page on creating  built-in wardrobes with Polyboard  Click  here!
January 2013 Welcome back everyone from your well earned  holiday break we hope the new year of 2013 will  bring much success to your business endeavours!  In this newsletter we would like to share with our  loyal customers and potential clients, some of the  new features that we have been working on. First  up we are working on new industry specific product  pages on our website.  Starting with built-in  wardrobes, and kitchens, we will move on to office  furniture, stand alone home furniture, bathrooms  including shower screens ,and vanities, shop  fittings,  etc.. In time this will really demonstrate the  power and flexibility our unique design program:  Polyboard. Next we have a new article in our blog section that  goes through the pros and cons of new vs used  cnc machines and as most joiners out there have a  CNC in mind at some point down the track its  important to know your options are when those  sales people come knocking.. We also have had  our article about he benefits of saw optimisation  published in the recent December issue of Supplier magazine. if you haven’t already read it its a great  informative article, that proves that calculated  optimisation will save you time and money  compared to cutting parts off the top of your head  and without any planning. See below.. Lastly we have a testimonial from our recent  customer Peter Brown from P & S Furniture. Peter  is a long time member of the joiner industry in  Perth and operate a successfully commercial  furniture fitout business for 40 years. Having sold  his business recently he was on the lookout for  new software and was pleasantly surprised by  what he saw in our cabinet design and sheet  optimisation software Polyboard and Opticut.
New CNC? or... Used?
Benefits of saw optimisation.  One of the great aspects that comes out of talking and meeting with many companies and members of our industry, is that you get a feel for general conceptions  and mindsets that exist out there. The interesting thing is that many people out there seem to share the same feelings toward certain issues. Obviously my conversations relate around design automation and optimisation as it relates to the trades. I’ve come across quite a few so in the coming months I will go address each one individually, but in this article I wanted to talk about the benefits of Saw optimisations verses doing cutting lists by hand. While most people see the advantages that an optimisation computer program (like our own Opticut) can provide for a larger company or even for a large contract job these still seems to be a persistent view that it can be to faster to simply to take each part on the cutting list one at a time and cut the required number of parts from the available material on hand... Read the full article. click here!  
 I have been in the commercial furniture industry for over 47 years and seen many changes in that time.  After searching for many years to find an affordable and creative design program, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Polyboard   I was able to incorporate Polyboard into my work systems to create accurate designs and working drawings with optimized cut lists   As I mainly do one off individual projects these days, it is great to have the ability to produce accurate design drawings to present to my clients.  Very happy with the back up service from Asher it has been excellent. Peter Brown P &S Furniture To view the testimonials page, Click  here!
Polyboard Testimonial
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