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Pratiko CAM software

Powerful tool-pathing software for all CNC woodworking machines. Whether you run Point to Point, Pod and Rail, or  Flatbed - nesting machinery our cam software will help you run your machine efficiently & easily!
CAM features: Full dxf file import features - individually or as a batch Easy Automatic tool-path configuration utility assign tool- pathing strategies to dxf layers to automatic tool-path on import. Automatic toolpath for inside and outside router offsets, vertical and horizontal boring, grooving saws, & pocketing for closed profiles. Window for manual assigning of tool-paths strategy to imported profiles. Visualise tool-path, tool direction, tool diameter, cutter compensation all in 3d on screen. Automatic optimisation of drilling and drill banks Complete technology and tool database. Set-up drill head configuration, router heads and tools, automatic tool changers. Gcode generation for all cnc machines.
CAD Drawing features: Full set of cad drawing tools available. draw all standard shapes eg lines arcs , rectangles , circles ellipses splines with complete set of snap point options. Drawing entity modification tools included, i.e. measuring tools, profile offset, profile direction control, corner radius etc.. Built in window macros to easily program all available tools, i.e.  Drill banks, routers, grooving saws Powerful pocketing algorithm Full parametric programming system; - use built in system variable for part dimensions in addition to user defined variables.

Nesting and single part special

Toolpathing Features:

For single part processing our cam solution includes special features such as horizontal boring on all faces, and batch processing.. Our cam also has specific nesting related tool-pathing features including configurable angle tool lead-in / lead-out to prolong tool life and reduce part damage on entry and exit Configurable ‘onion skinning’ two pass router tool path to reduce part movement during processing Setting priority of tools / and or processes also to minimise part shifting during the part separation phase. Couple our highly regarded nesting optimisation software Optinest together with our Pratiko cam solution to obtain extremely low material wastage together with efficient ready to run G-code on your CNC machine!
Single part screen