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Own a CNC? Still using the stock Nesting Software for your production? Take a look at what switching to Optinest will provide.. This month we will take a look at he benefits  and reasons why a company should switch to  a dedicated nesting application rather on rely  on the stock nesting utility that was bundled  with your machine. As we discussed last  month many manufactures and also standard  cam software packages include basic nesting  feature. The features vary, but the basic requirement  is that they have is to be able to import parts  automatically taking notice parameters of  parts such as quantity, grain information and  other descriptive information about cabinet a  job that the parts belong to that can be  included in part labeling. While most  application can do this and then take the  parts and arrange them in a nested sheet.,  the nested arrangement and other advanced  features such as part labelling, and off-cut  management, either are non-existent or leave a lot to be desired. So to promote the benefits of switching to a  real true shape nesting application we  present the following 5 Points... To view the full blog article click here!
Using Polyboard for designing custom Office furniture Polyboard is a unique & powerful tool for  designing and manufacturing stand alone or  built-in furniture. whether you produce  standard furniture pieces from a library or if  you do custom units and fit-outs every day  of the week, Polyboard will work for you and  make your manufacturing process so much  more efficient and profitable.   Polyboard as many special features that will  enhanced your creativity whilst being able to  offer designs that meed and exceed the  customers specifications and expectations.   Easy Design of all standard office  furniture pieces e.g. desks with built-in  drawers, mobile pedestal units,  credenzas, hutches, bookcases  meeting and boardroom tables etc.   Design shaped office furniture such as  bow desks ‘P’ shape desks, and  curved top reception desk very easily. Design shaped workstations with  integrated partitioning with ease.  Arrange furniture, cabinets and  partitioning in 3D room layout with full  graphic representation renderings and  workshop drawings.  Get automated detailed costing  reports, Export cut-lists, to Opticut or  other saw optimiser. Export parts to  CNC PTP machine centre or flat-bed  nesting router via Optinest or other  CAM software.   To view the industry page on creating  custom office furniture with Polyboard   Click here! 
April / May 2013 Welcome to the Third Newsletter for 2013. As we  have been focusing on in previous issues, we have  continued work on our industry specific information  pages so that you can clearly see how our design  and optimisation software will benefit you in your  industry. So this month we have completed the  Office furniture and fit-out page. showing, just how  useful Polyboard is when designing both  standalone office furniture and custom office suite  fitouts. Continuing on from our article in our last issue (if  you missed it see the blog section of our website)  where we discussed the design and production  benefits to manufacturers switching over from  spreadsheet design applications to a cost effective  solution like Polyboard. In this issue we show you  the benefits in switching over from the stock  nesting application that was bundled with your  machine in to specialised nesting software like  Optinest.   Finally we have a unusual special offer: We have a  good used Aussie made Tekcel CNC nesting router  for sale. So we decided to bundle it together with a  full featured software package.  Check out the  details below.
Automatic  office layout plans and drawings
CNC nesting Machine & Software Package We recently found a company that is selling a good used cnc router and we though we should offer you a a package deal i.e. Machine + design and nesting Software! The machine itself is a Aussie made Tekcel K series router with 2400 x 1200 process area and vacuum table, 8 position auto tool change 10hp HSD spindle and comes with high velocity Kerrick dust extraction system! As a special offer we are offering the machine + the ultimate design and nesting package Polyboard and Optinest as well as Enroute Entry ATP 5 tool-pathing software to run the machine itself. While the machine is not the fastest in the world for cabinet making as it does not have a multi drill head it still drills at 300mm/s - any size hole by picking up the right drill bit from the tool changer and drilling one at a time. you can also set it to pocket out the larger diameter holed with the router bit and save time in tool changes and positions on the tool rack. Its a really great start-up package for anyone looking into CNC at an affordable price, with machine + software  $29,900.00 + GST (Machine transport not included) For more information: click here! 
Did You Know? The new version of Polyboard finally came out of the pre-release software stage and is available now as the first final 5.01 release. While we plan to do a full wrap-up of the extensive list of new features included in version 5 over version 4, there are a number that we would like to highlight in this column. one of the stand out features is that the new cut-plane option to give cross sectional views and drawings of layouts so that you can see clear elevation views of for example: back walls when you have a ‘U’ shaped kitchen. In the latest release not only can you do this but if your cut plane goes through the middle of one of your cabinets you now have the option to either leave out the cabinet of to cut it and give a true cross sectional view of cabinets.
Design Shaped furniture with ease!
Detailed machining control: specify hardware and boring operations - view in 3D!
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Optinest For better nesting, advanced offcuts reuse and Part labelling
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