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Ordering & Software Activation Q1. How do I place an order? A. You may order though emailing contact us, of calling us at 0411969437 Q2. Are the ongoing maintenance fees or support contracts with your software? A. No there are no ongoing fees with our software Online or On-site support is provided at a hourly rate if required. Q3. What about upgrades? is there a charge? A. Whenever new versions of our software are released existing customers are notified of the new features and are given the option to upgrade at a nominal rate. However it is the customers decision whether or not to upgrade. Q4. Does your software use a USB Dongle for activation? A. No our software uses an activation code which is based on the user code that the software generates upon installing the demo versions of our software. Q5. How long does it take to receive an activation code?  A. Once we receive your user code and payment activation codes can be provided usually within 1-2 working days. Q6. How long has your software been used for, Do you have any references? A. Our software has been used by a number of our customers on a regular basis in the time since we launched our range. References can be provided on request. See customer tesimonals page. Q7. Are there discounts for extra site licences? Yes there is significant discount of 50% for each additional licence for the same or lower version level of each of our products.
Polyboard Cabinet Design Q1. Does Polyboard come with a cabinet library? A. We have developed a basic kitchen cabinet library, which is available free of charge but as no two cabinet makers make cabinets the same way its advised that new users take advantage of Polyboard and quickly create their own. Q2. Can Polyboard be used for shop fitting? A. Yes we have a few shop fitters already using the software and find it really useful to create any style of cabinet quickly and easily. of particular note is the ability to create cabinet of any number of sides not just a regular four sided cabinet. Q3. Can Polyboard produce round face cabinet or parts with curved edges? A. Polyboard has a really easy way of shaping parts and curving panels. However at this time its not possible to create a round cabinet such as a curved from reception counter. but it is possible to create for instance a book case with round front shelves or a reception desk with say a 3 sided front  and a curved counter top. Q4. Does Polyboard produce Detailed Shop drawings? A. Yes please see the Polyboard product information page and video tutorial 4 for some examples for what Polyboard can do. Q5. Can Polyboard send its cut-list to any Software optimiser? A. Yes while we do recommend our own Opticut Polyboard can also produce a standard text file in CSV format for importation into a spreadsheet or most decent optimising packages. Q6. Can Polyboard connect to any Pod and Rail CNC machine directly? A. Polyboard connects directly and produced native part files for the three major European manufactures Biesse, Homag/Weeke, SCM/Morbidelli. It also produces DXF files connection to virtually all other CAM software packages. Q7. Can Polyboard Connect to any Nesting (flat bed) CNC Machine? A. Polyboard connects to any Nesting machine via our nesting package Optinest and Pratiko CAM. However Polyboard will also connect directly and automatically import its parts into some nesting software packages such as Enroute and Biessenest. Q8. Will Polyboard export part information for part labelling on nesting machines? A. Yes Polyboard exports part and job information such as job name, part name, quantity material grain direction and edgebanding location. however not all nesting CAM packages are equipped to import it properly. Q. In terms of design ability, how does Polyboard compare to other applications? A. The main focus of Polyboard is on efficient and easy manufacturing. As such it provides a extremely flexible method allowing you almost total design freedom while still maintaining cabinet parametrics. Many applications present you only with a pre-built library of cabinets or with limited options to modify your cabinet. Q9. In terms of graphical presentations, how does Polyboard compare? A. As Polyboard is focused on manufacturing it shows in 3D all of your drilling and routing associated with hardware fittings and other machining operations, but at this stage it does not show the hardware itself. So while you can see the drilling for handles or hinges you can’t see the actual hinge or handle. On the room  presentation side, although Polyboard does not have photorealism rendering the images are still very good with rendered textures on panels and other 3d features such as auto-rotate and the facility to see inside cabinets through panel transparencies and open door and drawer, animations. In addition Polyboard also exports a 3D DXF file of the individual cabinet or whole room creating separate dxf  layers for each material used, so that you can import this file into programs like Vectorworks or Autocad for sophisticated realistic rendering. Q10. How can I ascertain if Polyboard will suit my needs before buying? A. The best way is though a good reading of all the information provided on our website. All the pictures and examples on this website were created though the program so you can really see what it can do. With respect to design ability, be our guest and download the demo version and with the help of our video tutorials you can try it all out for yourself. Of course feel free to call or email with any questions.